Sensitivity Reads

You can find me in the Writing in the Margins sensitivity reads’s database. My sensitivity reads focus on story structure and diverse subjects. Want to write a Latin@ character but aren’t sure where to start? Have you already written your Latin@ character and feel nervous about the reception? Are you not sure if your book is full of microaggressions? I’m your girl. I feel comfortable covering  Latin@ subjects, Ecuador, and Spanish language help.

I get it. Most writers don’t have a starting budget for editorial services. But it is important to get feedback. That’s why I’ve chosen to have these fees so low. And no, you shouldn’t ask for POC or marginalized writers to look at your work for free.

I cover YA, MG, and Adult. If the genre isn’t my thing, I will tell you right away.

Straight up critique – $250

From “Writing in the Margins”

Writing in the Margins recommends a basic minimum of $250 for a high level overall read on a manuscript (60,000-100,000 words).  The manuscript should be free of glaring errors and should be nearly submission ready, meaning it should be a later draft and something that has been reviewed by others.

$250 will get a writer a high-level read as well as a notes page detailing what is working and what problems the reader saw, as well as problems highlighted within the text.  Again, this is NOT a structural edit.

Please keep in mind that $250 is the starting point for this kind of a read through.  A few readers are also editors and may offer additional services.  In addition, sensitivity readers with more reading/writing experience may charge more.  We recommend inquiring as to the rates of the reader prior to sending any material.  In addition, we advise sensitivity readers to get their payment prior to reading.

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