Holiday Sale!

Love on the Ledge and Luck on the Line are on sale for 99 CENTS each on Amazon and iBooks. The sale ends on January 5th, 2016!

To celebrate, I’m sharing snippets of each book and sending you some swag! If you’ve purchased the books, simply email me proof of purchase and your mailing address to Then, I’ll send you the swag!


Meet Sky Lopez!

9781626816657_FC“The first time I’ll wear white to a wedding, I won’t be the bride.

I turn in the full-length mirror, admiring the way the soft white satin hugs my Hamptons-summer-kissed skin. When I tried the dress on back in April, it was snug on my hips. Then, I was in Boston working night shifts at the hospital that included a steady supply of pastries, cold pizza, and coffee. When I wasn’t working the graveyard shift, I was clinging to the arm of my perfect boyfriend with one hand and downing cocktails with the other. I’ll say one thing about this break-up—it’s the only one that’s ever caused me to lose weight instead of pile it on.

That and wedding planning.

Wedding planning is a stressful business, especially when the groom is your uncle, and your entire family gets to see your life plans spectacularly come apart at the seams.”






Meet Lucky Pierce!


Luck on the Line cover

“The universal rule of servers is: the bigger the order, the bigger the prick.

It was true during my year of “soul searching” after high school graduation, bartending at El Gallo on Espanola Way, when sunburnt moms sent back LITs for being too strong.

It was true the year after that at the Old Post in Missoula, Montana when diet-obsessed sorority girls asked for the Country House Special Sauce Deluxe burger, but, you know, without the onions and tomatoes and, oh, no special sauce.

And it was true, when I made health shakes at Super Green Joe’s in Brooklyn the year after that. If I hear “is that protein gluten-soy-dairy-free and fair trade?” one more time…

Now at The Red Cup, Mr. Tall Vanilla Latte No Whip, No Foam, Extra shot, Half Skim, Half Whole, Pump of Hazelnut is a pretty big prick.”

Luck on the ledge editLUCKY-PROMO-WHISKEY





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