Show Me Your #RestingWitchFace Contest!

Hello, brujxs and witches of the world!

I’ve been celebrating the launch of my latest book, LABYRINTH LOST all week. Thank you for all your tweets, posts, and happy book birthday wishes. It means the world to me. So, I’ve decided to have a special giveaway! I painted this skull for my street team. I happen to have more skulls waiting to be painted, and one lucky winner will receive it. It won’t be the same as the one pictured below. It will be 100% unique and just as witchy.


How do you win? That’s easy. All you have to do is SHOW ME YOUR #RESTINGWITCHFACE.

What does a resting witch face look like? I mean, we come in all shapes and sizes. Dark, light, and all the shades in between. To be a bruja, brujo, or brujx in Labyrinth Lost means to have power. Be proud of it. That being said the interpretation is open for all. For example, my #RestingWitchFace looks like this:


Yours could look totally different! Get creative! (I do ask that you double think before you paint your face with traditional sugar skull makeup if it is not your holiday to celebrate.) There are so many options you can do! Witchy makeup, fearlessly fly no makeup, smize circles around Tara Banks, etc. Go out there and do your thing!


  1. Take your picture and post it! You can post it online! Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram! Facebook is fine, but if the post is private, I won’t be able to see it!
  2. The post or picture MUST include the #RestingWitchFace tag. Example: Showing my #RestingWitchFace to celebrate #LabyrinthLost!
  3. Log your entry in the Rafflecopter form below. This will help me verify entries. Yes, all entries will be verified!
  4. More than one entry is allowed, as long as it is not the SAME photo.
  5. Contest starts today and ends on 9/17/16
  6. US & Canada only. Sorry!

Bonus: A button you can share proudly 😉

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9 Responses to Show Me Your #RestingWitchFace Contest!

  1. Alyssa Furukawa says:


    I like you come to Philly and bring that skull for me =D

  2. Tehlor says:

    I’m AT LEAST as serious about winning this skull as Alyssa is.

    but seriously though, this book is beautiful and you’re artistic too and I just can’t with you sometimes. <3

  3. Leah Karge says:

    I don’t have any Halloween traditions, but depending on the day it falls on, I will sometimes take the day off work! :p

  4. My halloween traditions usually just involve carving nerdy pumpkins and eating a lot of candy. 🙂

  5. Living in France, no one ever celebrates. So I make a costume on my own and have some friends over! It’s fun, but I miss having a big celebration.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Every Halloween I carve pumpkins with people I love. I used to carve with my mom for a long time, but recently I’ve extended the task to my friends and my boyfriend.

  7. Nina Moreno says:

    I love everything about this contest, this book, and all of these doors you’re opening getting a story like this out there! Love that #brujalife!

  8. Letessha Williams says:

    We carve pumpkins and I like watching scary movies.

  9. Rosa Taylor says:

    Halloween is life! I enjoy going on haunted historic tours with my friends every year. 🙂

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